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Join me as I learn kanji, one day at a time.

About Kanji of the Day order

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Short and simple:  I’m not following a particular order.  I have a few companion books I’m using, but I’m choosing the Kanji of the Day based usually on the very first kanji I see that day (that hasn’t previously  been a KOTD).  Other times I choose a kanji based on “hey, I keep seeing that one.  What is it?”  Other times, a kanji is featured because it’s related to a kanji or kanji compound from the day(s) before.  Still other times it’s more random than that.   It has been my experience in studying Japanese that this is how you actually encounter kanji when you’re in Japan:  randomly.

I will say that I’m trying to give preference to the Japanese Ministry of Education’s jōyō kanji.  These are supposed to be the critical ones.

I am indebted to Japanese teachers, friends, and relatives I have in my quest to learn kanji, as well as Jim Rose’s Kanji Cafe, and the KANJIDIC project, and all the members of Flickr , especially Nemo’s great uncle, who post images of kanji under Creative Commons.  Thank you all!


Written by bunkalearner

2009/06/21 at 10:41 pm

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