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On January first of this year, I announced the beginning of a 大復習 (だいふくしゅ) of the kanji here on the Kanji of the Day blog.  In this big review, I have reviewed all the kanji in Kanji of the Day Family 1.  Now, eight months later, the review is finally complete, and starting today, I’ll be building toward a new group, family 2!

Family 1 is not in the past though.  Remember, the reason I call this collection “family” is because I’d like to think of them as such.  You don’t visit family once or twice, but again and again, even if you “know them” already.  There’s always something to see or witness in reviewing kanji.  The object of this blog is not “flash card” style memorization (despite my use of these words as tags).  Rather, the idea is repeated visits and encounters.  Expect to see family 1 kanji re-posted again from time to time, especially as I gather new example uses, like photos.

And now… let’s meet the new family!  Let’s start with .


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2010/08/02 at 7:00 am

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