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音読み (おんよみ): ウ、ユウ

訓読み (くんよみ): みぎ

部首 (ぶしゅ):口(くち

Meaning: right



right-wing (as in political)


right turn, turn to the right


left and right

An interesting, special case:


A famous bank robber, more info on him here.

The curious thing about this kanji compound is that 右 is silent.  Looking at it at face value, you would think it would be pronounced  ご・う・え・もん, but in modern times it is not.  Though I don’t know the whole story, I understand that at one time, long ago, it was pronounced, but eventually dropped, as saying ごうえもん must have been annoying to say (?)  Anyone know this story?



Kanji originally posted 2009.08.19 8:22

Part or all of English definition is from  KANJIDIC — property of the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, used in conformance with the Group’s licenceDonate to the WWWJDIC project. Stroke order diagrams licensed from Kanji Cafe.

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2010/03/19 at 8:22 am

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