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Looking at the numbers

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You’ve noticed Kanji of the Day is all about the number kanji.  This will continue for several more days.  If you have any experience with kanji at all, getting yourself to look at the numbers can be painful.  My brain is shouting “I KNOW THESE!” over and over.  Nonetheless, it’s important to revisit these.  Notice the subtleties.  Look for something– anything– that you didn’t notice before.

Today I was reminded that the bottom stroke of 二 is longer than the top.  Good reminder, since 二 is a kanji one often dashes off in a hurry without paying attention to something like “which one is longer.”

What do you notice about the numbers?

PS>  Finding images for most of the numbers is surprisingly hard.  If anyone has any images to recommend, I’d love to know…


Written by bunkalearner

2010/01/24 at 11:02 am

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