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大復習: Changing things up on Kanji of the Day

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あけましておめでとうございます everyone.

The new year is bringing changes to the Kanji of the Day blog.  Since starting the blog in June of 2009, I’ve posted a total of 212 kanji, including all of Jōyō Grade 1 kanji (which you may have noticed I’ve been finishing up posting over the last couple weeks).

In my head, I’ve been calling this group of 212 kanji, “Family 1”.  “Family” for me is the key word.  I’ve been speaking Japanese for many years now.  My week area has always been reading and writing.  I need to make kanji “mine”, they need to be like old friends or family to me.

Over the last several months, it’s become clear to me that my focus has not been on creating this kind of familial intimacy with kanji.  Instead it’s  been on the mechanics of  posting on this blog:  finding a kanji, defining it, adding the Kanji Cafe animated gif, etc.  I don’t have hours and hours everyday to play with kanji, and the time I do have needs to be refocused on kanji, not blogging.

To this end, starting tomorrow, Kanji of the Day will be embarking on what I call 大復習 (だいふくしゅう).  Everyday I will be reviewing on of the 212 “Family 1” kanji here on the blog by re-posting.  As often as I can, I will also be enhancing these posts by:

  • updating words and definitions
  • adding images from Flickr that show kanji “in context” in Japan
  • adding inspired drawings of the kanji (to help me remember the kanji.  I’m not a calligrapher, so I’m not going try to “fake” 書道 (しょどう).

大復習 will last until all of Family 1 has been revisited.  I’m really looking forward to this era of intentional review!


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2010/01/01 at 2:30 pm

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